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We Do Trade Show Graphics. 

As you know, we love colors, fonts, visuals and making your trade show booth & collateral stand out. In essence, experienced graphic design is the cornerstone of a successful trade show presence, amplifying your visibility, attracting foot traffic, and ultimately driving meaningful connections and conversions.  

Yep, we do that!

Trade Show/Exhibit Design


Thomas Creative creates graphics & design for a variety of booth displays, signage, banners, tables, counters, podiums, tents.


At a bustling trade show where competition for visibility is fierce, compelling graphic design serves as the initial hook, drawing attendees towards your booth amid a sea of competitors.


Research indicates that attendees at trade shows typically spend only three seconds deciding whether to visit a booth. This means you have a brief three-second opportunity to persuade individuals that your brand is worth their attention. Let us help you grab their attention!

Contact us today and let's chat about ideas!

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